Café Maria

You wanna hang out with your friends, family or even with your special someone ❤ and eat as much as you want ? or you just want to try and post on the IG the photos of the place and the food ? I am sure that you don’t familiar about this café. Simple but elegant.

Café Maria is for everyone because all the foods here is affordable and very cheap, good for the people who wants to eat and to satisfy his/her appetite without expending much money. Besides from coffee,café maria also offered breakfast meal just like silog meal. Just check out the menu below.


Java Chips Frappé

Our climate is summer so we ordered some frappé to cool down the heat from our body. It taste like a coffee at the same time taste like chocolate, it’s delicious. Good for our friends, family, coffee buddy and for everyone who love coffee. So what are you waiting for? come and try this café. Don’t miss it out. Café Maria ❤



IMG_1699Container Turf just opened this year!! and you don’t want to miss it, there are so many different variety off foods and drinks you can enjoy, outdoor or  indoor, here i will give you a glimps about the Container Turf.

First off all, there’s a lot of people here!! especially in weekends, well ofcourse XDD there are three floors inside, as you can see in the picture,but still full of people it’s so hard to find a sit, we even took hours just to find a sit for all of us.

Let’s move on to that, this is some of the food stoll. well i say all of them is delicious and worth the price, but if you are saving DON’T GO IN THIS PLACE!.

Here they all have what you crave for, even for drinks just like this lemonade and berry cocktail. LOLIMG_1672

This is some of the Foods we ordered, well it’s worth the wait, bacause serving here is not that fast compare to others. but the foods is very delicous and worth it!



Ramen Kuroda is a Japanese restaurant inside Bf Homes. I love this place! Good and affordable ramen within reach. No wonder the place is always full.
The broth they use in their ramen is not as rich as the others but is still flavorful. Will highly recommend their Kuro Ramen paired with their Gyoza. Kuro Ramen is the flavor of Ramen Kuroda’s Classic Ramen. Featuring special garlic oil and a deliate tonkotsu broth created from a secret recipe. This ramen is only Php 180 while the gyoza costs Php 100.


You can also try their Ramen Tonkatsu Set, its worth it! It contains Ramen, Tonkastu, Rice and fresh fruits, you can choose the one of three ramen. Ramen Kuroda have Japanese food which is affordably priced (cheaper than most Japanese restaurants by like a P10-P20 margin). Their servings are beyond generous! Taste is delicious and authentic. Service is friendly and they have a lot of tables good for big groups and small groups alike. Definitely worth trying! Probably the best Japanese resto in the BF area.

Jin Joo Korean Grill

Don’t miss the unforgettable taste of Jin Joo Korean Grill. It opens from 10 am to 10 pm every Sunday to Thursday and 10 am to 11 pm every Friday to Saturday. Jin Joo has a good interior designs, good ambiance and colorful. And the food? It was Amazing. 

Try to visit Jin Joo Korean Grill. It is located at SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City. be creative and have fun with your food.




The Vikings :)

Vikings is the absolute best buffet experience in the country, featuring a         cornucopia of flavors that can’t be found anywhere else. Now is the time to        chow down like you have never been before. Gather up your friends and family and embark on your greatest food adventure yet. Be merry, eat hearty, and eat like a Viking today!

vikings intro
this is the meat section or known as the vikings quarters 😉

Boasting the largest buffet areas found in the Philippines, Vikings has redefined the    standards of dining in class and style


chuck eye roll station;)

this is me being a viking lol:)

waiting for my princess hahaha power

kain pa more


“Gourment’s palate”

 “Hello! this is a school project blog, this blog is all about foods and restaurants, here we captured our wonderful moments with some delicous food experiences we gathered”


Gourments palate BF

This is our first Place, well the place is not that big compared to other resto, but the atmosphere and surrounding is really beautiful and relaxing even though it’s not that big, the place is really peacefull and not crowded you can enjoy your personal place.


The food presentation is amazing, just like this two big tower of fries, and it’s not just any ordinary fries but a really big fries and really delicous salty fries. this fries can already fill your hungry tummy……. Well it depends 




If your a taco lover, you will definitely love this place. why? just look at the photo, this is one of the famous food in their menu and you don’t even have to ask why

just look at that cheeze in crispy cone with tiny pieces of yummy beef




If i rate this place from 1/10 it’s definitely 10! with so much delicous foods and afordable prices, you can eat here with only 200pesos on your wallet. and the serving is really good and fast also the place is really neat wonderful

PS. I really love their icetea glass, really creative